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More time

for your core business

More time

for your core business


For your questions, support, training and analysis

Our experts accompany you on your path to success with a comprehensive range of services. We focus our expertise on your company, so that you benefit from the digitisation of industrialised construction. Our services enable you to concentrate on your core business and get the most out of your software. We support our customers to make full use of all the advantages our software has to offer, enabling the greatest productivity possible.

Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE services: advantages for you

Our professionals support precast concrete factories, engineering and planning offices, universities and training centers in all types of projects related to efficient precast concrete planning. Our solutions are tailor-made: our experts focus entirely on your company, including all of your processes – from the placing of orders through planning to the production facility. Data, technology and operations are precisely analysed to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

You benefit from:

  • Flexibility
  • The ability to concentrate on your main business
  • Security
  • Further development
  • Increased profitability

With our Silver and Gold Serviceplus packages, you can significantly reduce the workload of your planning and technical teams. Benefit from numerous included services such as training, software upgrades, content creation and much more. Your Customer Excellence Services team will be happy to advise you.

Upgrade Service
Support & Service
Core IT
How to optimise processes and increase productivity

When it comes to consulting services, we go far beyond our software solutions. Our experts analyse your work, information flow, software modules and hardware solutions. Based on their findings, we develop the optimal solution for you: we provide you with the latest modifications to increase efficiency and give you planning security. If you like, we will be happy to support you with its implementation. With our consulting services you can increase your productivity with little effort.

  • Program-specific configuration
  • The best consultation possible
  • Cutting-edge technologies
Risk-free, agile software changes

Allplan Precast Software Upgrade Services enables you to change software components smoothly and without risk. Looking to switch from third-party software to Planbar or Tim, adapt software modules or install an update? Our change management experts and agile project managers will find the perfect way for you. We make sure that you can work with the best tools without disruption, and find the right interplay between all systems and solutions – from ERP to the production sequences to placement at the construction site. Of course, we check all scenarios to avoid program errors.

  • Efficient test sequences & auto tests
  • Specific project management
  • Customer-relevant tests
<strong>Upgrade Service</strong>
Customized training for efficient knowledge transfer

How often do we sit in trainings that have hardly anything to do with our actual work? At Allplan Precast, it’s different: we tailor our trainings specifically to our customers. Before your training, we look at which software modules and functions you use, how you work and where there is potential for learning. Only when we have a clear idea of what you need can we transfer knowledge efficiently. During our training, we also recommend which functions would make your work easier.

  • Analyse workflows together
  • Define requirements based on the customer
  • No standard trainings
  • Individually tailored training plans
Timely assistance for Planbar and Tim

Allplan Precast customers with service contracts benefit from our extensive Customer Excellence support services. Our team offers expertise and the fastest possible help. Our experts are ready to assist in whatever way you prefer to communicate. Any problems are immediately processed and fixed. Plus, you get access to an extensive FAQ data bank, installation routines, product and release information, details on your tickets and helpful information about our software versions. 

  • Quick, detailed answers
  • A single point of contact
  • Recognition of high-priority requests
  • Self-service portal
<strong>Support & Service</strong>
Expanded IT infrastructure that best supports your operations

Our database, network and interface experts will help you take on all your IT challenges. From the design of your entire system to hardware requirements, reliable go-live to backup and recovery systems – we are here to help. Our goal is to help you create an IT foundation that enables you to get the most out of your software applications.

  • Tested recommendations
  • Frequent updates from the test environment
  • Reduced bugs & errors
  • Backup & recovery concept
<strong>Core IT</strong>
Contented customers
The Allplan Precast services create more space for our core tasks 

The Allplan Precast services prove to be extremely helpful: software updates verified via Autotests can now be carried out automatically. This saves time and minimises our risks. The greatest benefit results from the fact that changes of this kind can be carried out in addition to day-to-day business without influencing it. 
Wolfgang Gigelleitner, Head of Engineering CAD/CAM Franz Oberndorfer GmbH & Co KG
For complex network installations, we provide the customer with our tested recommendations and can thus make installation and application as easy as possible. On request, our specialists can provide support in the areas of databases, networks or interfaces. Our customers benefit from our Total-Solution-Provider approach: we offer all services for optimal IT solutions!
Dominik Haring, System Administrator Competence Center Allplan Precast
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