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Tesla relies on precast for Gigafactory Berlin

Tesla, the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, is building its Gigafactory 4 in Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany). Within a record-breaking construction period of less than two years, the Model Y is expected to roll off the production line here as early as summer 2021. This short design and construction time is made possible to a large extent by the use of precast concrete parts. The prefabricated parts are delivered to Grünheide by truck and train and can be precisely erected on the construction site. 

Efficiency and high quality

"For me, there is no way around Planbar. With no other CAD software can I work as quickly and efficiently as with Planbar. I particularly appreciate the integrated quality control, the fast output and data exchange of 3D data via IFC, as well as the immense time savings thanks to well thought-out automated processes. In summary, I would not have been able to plan the stairs in such a short time and with such high quality without Planbar."

Tim Karczewski, Managing Director A-Steps GmbH & Co. KG
Precise stair planning by A-Steps

The company A-Steps GmbH, a subsidiary of the long-established Hans Abel GmbH & Co KG based in Köthen (Germany), was responsible for the production of the precast stairs and landings for the Gigafactory. The young company specializes in the individual design and production of precast stair parts. By using the powerful CAD software Planbar and an innovative formwork system, A-Steps designs precast stair elements quickly and efficiently and produces them with high-quality fair-faced concrete surfaces.

Fast and efficient design thanks to Planbar

From the very beginning, the design of the Gigafactory 4 was based on precast elements. The 29 staircases of the car factory also have numerous identical features, so that the total of nine different types of staircases were also planned as precast concrete elements.  
In order to meet the high demands on data quality for production in the precast plant, A-Steps, as a long-standing user of Planbar, opted for this reliable CAD software from ALLPLAN. In particular, working with 3D models significantly shortened design and production times, provided reliable data for production and facilitated communication between the various project partners. Thanks to the precise design in Planbar, all stairs and landings could thus be produced according to schedule and in the highest quality.  

Prefabricated stair and landing parts delivered on time and in top quality 

The factory planning time for the total of 165 flights of stairs and 165 landings was only a few working days. With a short lead time, production of the stair elements began on October 4, 2020, and assembly of the first stairs started just four weeks later. From the start of assembly at the beginning of November through the winter months to the beginning of March, a total of 79 truck transports brought the prefabricated stairs to the Gigafactory.  The weight of the stairs and landings was up to 10t and 14t respectively. Assembly was carried out directly in the stair towers, which were up to 18m high and had up to 9 flights, by a dedicated assembly crane. March 2021, the last stairs were successfully delivered. Smooth logistics ensured that the planned assembly time for the stairs of only four months was successfully met.