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SPL - Identity


Architectural freedom meets the highest engineering art

The "Identity" building complex in Rennes, France, is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece. The architectural firm Blanchard Marsault Pondevie designed Identity as a crystal geode formed by three interconnected rock sections. A silver aluminium mesh envelops the three building parts and connects the roofs and facades in a filigree manner with a kind of silver thread. In the upper part, the sheathing of Identity 2 consists of very narrow lozenges in order to provide the greatest possible solar protection. In the lower part, on the other hand, the large-mesh structure allows generous incidence of daylight. In the future, the three buildings of "Identity" will form the EuroRennes business district near the main train station. “Identity 2” houses offices, stores and a cinema. 

SPL - Identity
© Willy Berré

Easy to learn and fully customizable

"Thanks to Planbar, I can quickly and easily model all kinds of buildings in 3D. Planbar allows me to handle more projects in less time and with higher quality thanks to numerous automated processes. At the same time, I can fully customize these automated tools to my specific needs. Planbar therefore offers me exactly the right mix of automated support processes and individual customizability. In general, I found it easy to learn the software and the operation itself is also effortless. Planbar provides clear visualizations and plans, which makes collaboration with the other project participants immensely easier."

Bauvin Aymeric, Head of Planning Office

Inclined walls made of precast elements

One of the special features of this construction project are the inclined walls, which give the building a unique appearance. French company SPL, Société de Préfabrication de Landaul, was responsible for designing and manufacturing of Identity 2's sloped walls. The company specializes in precast walls and has two state-of-the-art precast factories and two design offices. For precast design, SPL relied entirely on its long-time companion Planbar.  

For SPL, "Identity 2" represented a first because it was the first time in the company's history that inclined walls were planned and produced. SPL is proud to have delivered all precast elements in the highest quality and on time. The project duration was one year from planning to construction of the total 800m² of sloped walls.

© Willy Berré
Key data of the project:
  • Architecture’s office:  Architecture Blanchard Marsault Pondevie
  • 800m² of inclined walls
  • Floors above ground: 9
  • Office space: 7.934m²
  • Project duration: one year from design to construction