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Rütihof Project


Planbar supports openBIM

The Rütihof project is a perfect example of the implementation of the openBIM concept. The two project partners, Beton-Fertigteil-Union (BFU) and METHABAU, relied on BIM for efficient cooperation and optimized data exchange via IFC. With the help of the IFC-Assistant and the MEP-Assistant in Planbar, ALLPLAN’s software solution for prefabrication, BFU was able to quickly import the elements into Planbar and generate high-quality production plans and shop drawings. Thanks to the automated workflows in Planbar, significant time savings in design and detailing of the precast concrete elements could be achieved.

Rütihof Project

We rely on Planbar

“Planbar is our fundamental tool for any design activity. Every designer always uses Planbar daily, and the intuitive interface makes it an indispensable part of our design department. In Planbar, I always find a way to design complex parts and get them into our automated production line.”

Gabriel Keller, Civil Engineer, BFU

Planbar enables modeling at record speed

The efficiency gains provided by the automated shop drawing technology are one of the many reasons why BFU has long relied on Planbar. Planbar was also used for the design and detailing of the precast elements for the Rütihof commercial building in Wädenswil, Switzerland. Within just nine months, BFU designed and produced an impressive 10,000m² of slabs, 1,100m² of solid walls, and around 40 stair elements.

Three different tenants now occupy the 14,000m² of habitable space; there is an underground garage with 60 parking spaces for coaches, a beverage store, and one of the largest indoor climbing centers in Europe with facilities for all Olympic disciplines. The 18-meter-high climbing hall includes climbing routes with over 6,000 running meters, a bouldering room, and a 1,700m² outdoor climbing wall.

Project information at a glance:
  • Focus: Precast construction
  • Precast design software: Planbar
  • Precast design: BFU
  • Construction period: June 2019 - March 2020
  • Produced precast elements: 10,000m² of slabs
  • Produced precast elements: 1,100m² of walls
  • Number of stair elements: ca. 50