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Robin Village

Tiong Seng Group, Singapore

What we appreciate about Planbar:

  • Planbar can do architectural modelling and structural detailing at the same time
  • Panel weight and volume are automatically calculated in shop drawings
  • Spend less time working in complicated drawings
  • Planbar visualises and provides accurate interfacing details
  • Generation of reports on panel quantity, volume, steel weight and cast in items
  • Execution of a project in all of its details from the 3D model
  • Creation of a project standard that can be used in precast parts drawings
  • Simple modification and updating of the precast parts drawings
Robin Village

3D modelling and design from a single source

„We enjoy working with Planbar because it automatically generates reports, checks for collisions and calculates numbers of parts, concrete volumes and steel weight. All of that saves time and money."

Michael Seah Chun Hian, Managing Director, Robin Village Development Pte Ltd 
52% time saving with Planbar  

I can say that we can save 52% of the time comparing 2D drawings to 3D drawings using PLANBAR software.
Amelyn De Castro, Design Engineer, Robin Village Development Pte Ltd