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Birdsong instead of traffic noise - thanks to precast concrete elements

The Austrian section of the Tauern Motorway is one of the fastest road links between Germany and Italy. However, the annually growing traffic volume leads to an ever increasing noise pollution for the local residents. In order to improve the quality of life of the residents again, it was decided to erect noise barriers.  

Leube develops innovative noise barriers made of precast elements 
Instead of an overhead noise barrier, the decision was made to use the "Great Arch", a curved noise barrier from Leube Betonteile GmbH & Co KG. The company, based in Maishofen (Austria), is part of the Leube Group and offers a wide range of precast elements and special elements made of concrete. As a particularly innovative solution, a curved noise barrier made of precast concrete elements was created that spans the highway like a large arch. Compared to a traditional enclosure, the erection costs can be reduced by around 80%. The precast walls also offer massive advantages in terms of running costs: unlike enclosures, where considerable maintenance costs are incurred, the precast arches are completely maintenance-free. Another plus point is the resident-friendly rear side, which can be backfilled with soil and replanted. The materials used are all ecological and recyclable. 

Fast, easy, consistent!

"What we particularly appreciate about Planbar is the fast and easy 3D modeling. While we are working on the 3D model, Planpar automatically creates the associated shop drawings. This means we can be sure that the plans and the model are always 100% consistent. Finally, we can generate the necessary 3D reinforcement with just one click in Planbar. This makes our daily work easier and we gain valuable time."

Thomas Cekan, Project and Assembly Manager & Ambros Grabmayr, Technical Draftsman -
Leube Betonteile GmbH & Co KG

Planbar enables consistent work in 2D and 3D

Leube faced numerous challenges in designing the curved noise barriers. In particular, the arch shape, the dimensions of the individual components and the structural requirements placed the highest demands on the planning team. For this phase of the project, the company relied entirely on Planbar, a CAD software from Allplan. The software enabled precise modeling and planning of the precast concrete elements and supported the creation of the assembly and production plans with automated time saving functionality. In project meetings, the 3D model proved very helpful in explaining details in a clear and understandable way for all participants.  

Since part of the construction was undertaken in winter, the assembly of the precast elements at an altitude of over 1,100m above sea level was also extremely challenging. However, with the help of prefabrication, all components could be assembled on time and in the highest quality. Thanks to the curved noise barriers, people and nature can now breathe again and enjoy the tranquility of the Alps.

Key data for the project:
  • 998 curved elements, each 2.00m long, on 4 wall sections
  • Approx. 9,000 m² noise barrier on both sides (approx. 1,900lm)
  • Approx. 10,000 m² single-sided noise barrier (approx. 2,700lm)
  • Production period: october 2018 - october 2019
  • Mounting period: november 2018 - november 2019