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Why software solutions from Allplan Precast?

  • All building information coordinated in 3D-CAD drawing enables advanced error detection and problem solving.
  • The production data of any precast element is verified by Planbar before transferring to the automation plant and ERP system.
  • The training offered accelerates the process for the company to adopt the software and to learn the precast design philosophy.
Planbar ranks top in our evaluation

„Its intelligence in providing precast solutions meets the company’s objective. Thanks to its reliability and flexibility, last-ditch modification in precast elements is achievable."

Thoo Hoi Hian, Head of Design (GIBS) 
Gamuda IBS optimises efficiency

Affordable housing has always been a key agenda to ensure the prosperity and upward mobility of Malaysians. Hence, to ensure a continuous supply of homes, there is a need for a method of building that is efficient, productive and does not overburden the system. With this in mind, Gamuda pursued its vision to revolutionise the sector by having Malaysia‘s first fully automated digital IBS plant in Sepang that opened in July 2016.