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aspern Seestadt


Innovative urban development with precast concrete

A perfect example of inspiring urban development is Vienna’s new district of aspern Seestadt. This €5 billion EUR development is one of Europe’s largest development projects and will provide high-quality housing for over 25,000 people as well as 20,000 new workplaces over the next decade. The site area covers 240 hectares – the same size as Vienna’s 1st district. one of the most interesting aspects of the Seestadt is the focus that has been placed on creating a sustainable and eco-friendly development. 

Built for sustainability

The central focus of the city's development is the creation of high-quality housing with the least possible impact on the environment. From the outset, the careful use of resources and building in climate resilience has been a top priority. This has been achieved not only by recycling and reusing existing materials from the site, but also by combining technology and modern methods of construction, like for example off-site construction. 


aspern Seestadt
© Lisa Payr

High data quality thanks to Planbar and Tim

“ Planbar and Tim help us to produce high-quality data through their simple operation on the one hand, and on the other hand, through the Tim Quality-Manager, which assures us that after the approval of the data by our customer, pure and proper data is sent to production."

Ing. Anton Glasmeier, Mischek Systembau

Perfect data with Planbar and Tim

A large number of buildings in aspern die Seestadt Wiens were also built using prefabricated parts built off-site at factories. Offsite-manufacturing offers numerous advantages, especially when it comes to sustainability: industrialized construction accelerates the build process, reduces waste both in the factory and on the construction site, improves quality of the buildings elements, and minimizes disruption to local residents and businesses.

As an example of incorporating prefabrication, a large proportion of the western quarter’s residential blocks were built with precast concrete components which were designed and constructed by Mischek Systembau using ALLPLAN’s specialist precast design software, Planbar. One of Mischek's first precast concrete projects in aspern was the award-winning townhouse “D10”. The townhouse has a low-energy standard and was awarded klimaaktiv silver. Thanks to the efficient design and detailing of precast elements with Planbar, Mischek was able to plan, produce and build the D10 townhouse swiftly and without errors.

Project information at a glance:
  • Architecture: Tovatt Architects and Planners
  • Building physics and services: Dr. Ronald Mischek ZT GmbH
  • Gross floor area: 52.252 m²
  • Heating demand: 17,22 kWh/m²
  • Primary energy demand: 62,4 kWh/m²
  • Building standard: ÖGNB, klimaaktiv


Mischek Systembau GmbH

Mischek Systembau is a 100% subsidiary of STRABAG AG with headquarters in Gerasdorf near Vienna. For many decades, the company has been producing high-quality precast reinforced concrete elements in more than 30,000 m² of production halls. At the Gerasdorf site, Mischek produces precast elements with an area of about 600,000m² per year with about 160 employees. The precast elements are delivered for STRABAG mainly to Lower Austria and nearby Vienna. The product portfolio includes walls, slabs, stairs, elevator shafts, and loggia slabs.