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Karpatium Rezidence


High-quality living spaces created with prefabrication

Karpatium Rezidence is a residential complex in Záhorská Bystrica, a dynamically growing residential district in Bratislava. The special feature of the total of 145 residential units is that they were built entirely with prefabricated concrete elements. Double walls, filigree slabs, prefabricated balconies and stairs were used in the residential complex.


Karpatium Rezidence
© Polivka, Hritz Precast Engineering s.r.o.

A kind of “concrete LEGO”

“The major benefit of Planbar is the significant streamlining and optimization of design and detailing activities – including the ability to take into account last-minute changes in the project, which is very common. A clear advantage of automated production is the ability to produce elements in almost any shape (a kind of “concrete LEGO”) with minimal errors and deliver them to the construction site practically “just in time,” which also speeds up the construction process itself without the need for additional storage space.”

Dipl. Ing. Josef Hritz, Managing Director, Polivka, Hritz Precast Engineering s.r.o. 

The challenge

From the very beginning, Karpatium Rezidence relied on BIM. In addition to time and cost savings, BIM facilitated project coordination and increased planning quality. Due to the numerous advantages of prefabrication, such as time savings, planning reliability and precision of the prefabricated components, the construction company also opted for precast concrete elements. As a result, it quickly became clear that only a 3D modeling tool could be considered for the design and detailing of the precast elements.


The solution

The engineering office Polivka, Hritz Precast Engineering s.r.o. was in charge of the modeling of all precast elements in 3D. The design team relied on Planbar, ALLPLAN's precast design and detailing solution. Planbar took over numerous routine activities and thus the design team could fully concentrate on their actual core tasks.In addition, the numerous automated workflows, such as the automated creation of shop drawings or the basic reinforcement, saved a considerable amount of time during the design phase.

© Polivka, Hritz Precast Engineering s.r.o.
Key Facts:
  • Software for precast design: Planbar
  • General contractor: BTK - bývanie, teplo, klimatizácia s.r.o.
  • Architectural office: FVA, s.r.o.
  • Structural analysis: PROPLAN, s.r.o.
  • Precast design: Polivka, Hritz Precast Engineering s.r.o.
  • Technical support: FRANZ OBERNDORFER GmbH & Co KG, Ing. T.Tupy
  • Double walls: 17,884,13m²
  • Filigree slabs: 15,171,02m²