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The key

to success

The key

to success


Greater efficiency for your building projects

Step by step, ideas and specifications have to be executed in construction projects. These projects are accompanied by the need for cost efficiency, last-minute changes, time pressure, high quality standards and many people around the world. The key to success is efficient collaboration between everyone involved in the project – and that's exactly where openBIM and IFC4precast come in. We as the Competence Center Allplan Precast, actively shape the development of these open standards in order to help you achieve greater efficiency and flexibility.

Our time saving in planning is up to 30%, in partial steps even 75%! In addition, we have a significant reduction in the error rate, for example fewer incorrectly drawn finished parts. We see even greater potential for the future.
Gabriel Keller, Beton Fertigteil Union GmbH & Co.KG.
With the IFC export, we can serve our customers with regard to BIM in an excellent manner.
Raimond Lotz, Head of Engineering, Spaansen Bouwsystemen B.V.
50% increase in efficiency

With the use of PLANBAR BIM modules we were able to raise our drawing output significantly from the start, with full integration we expect an increase in efficiency of 30-50%.  
DI Volker Koch, CEO, Beton-Fertigteil-Union GmbH & Co. KG 
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Integrated planning with openBIM

openBIM combines architecture, planning, clients, design, production, billing and facility management. It allows data exchange, independent of the software. From the beginning of a construction project to its completion, all relevant data and models are collected and are available at any time. openBIM brings uniform standards for planning, construction and management. This means the people responsible for the project always have an overview: coordination with all expert planners is greatly accelerated. openBIM gives you greater efficiency and fewer errors throughout the entire process – from the competitive model to the as-built model.

The 5 biggest benefits of openBIM:

  • Significantly reduced coordination efforts thanks to the shared BIM model and smart communication and collaboration functions
  • Better adherence to deadlines thanks to better planning
  • Greater clarity for everyone involved thanks to standardized workflows and templates
  • Duplicate planning work (i.e. working models) becomes obsolete thanks to low-loss, platform-independent data exchange between teams
  • Any collisions and modelling errors are reliably detected when the working models are merged
Key role for efficiency and improved quality

Achieve consistency of data and information with us: from the first cost estimate through design to the factory and assembly. We give you automatism and the highest efficiency in precast elements, full flexibility and high-performance functions to plan and manufacture sophisticated and complex precast elements.

Our software solutions play a key role in the entire BIM process.


Data standards with many advantages

Architects, planners and property developers need worldwide uniform standards. This collaboration ensures the success of industrialised construction today – and tomorrow. The Nemetschek Group and Allplan Precast are pioneers in digitisation and help shape building information modeling for the future. Together with other software manufacturers, we are creating a global program: the openBIM community is growing steadily – and with it the advantages for you.

Allplan PRECAST and the buildingSMART network of experts

As an innovative provider of BIM software solutions, we are a member of buildingSMART. This international network of experts in the AEC industry advocates digitisation, multi-disciplinary data exchange formats and the certification of data model standards. These certifications are known as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC). In the IFC4precast taskforce, we are actively shaping future standards and norms in the precast concrete industry and thus offer our customers the highest level of expertise in interoperability and open interfaces relating to openBIM.

IFC4precast: revolutionary workflow

The IFC interface for improved collaboration: interface problems are finally a thing of the past with the new IFC4precast data standard, significantly co-designed by Allplan Precast. As the first interface, this industry-wide universal database contains 3D model information including complete geometries, as well as unique IDs for describing precast elements.

This makes us the world’s first provider of a complete, quality-assured and tried-and-tested IFC4precast data export. Use this competitive edge to your advantage!

Advantages of IFC4precast:

  • Highly-efficient, error-free collaboration between all systems involved.
  • Loss-free, platform-independent data exchange.
  • Less coordination and administrative work through the entire planning, production and assembly process.
  • Clear traceability of the building model and the building cycle in real time.
Functions of IFC4precast
  • For the first time, IFC4precast enables clear structuring and exact assignment of the fixtures and the reinforcement to the elements.
  • IFC4precast data – including geometries – delivered by Allplan Precast can be read in full with all common 3D viewers.
  • Thanks to the complete visualisation of the data along the entire process, which is possible for the first time, everyone can quickly and easily get the overview they need.
What our customers have to say

Allplan Precast customers benefit from greater efficiency and quality – giving them a leg up on the competition into the future, too.

Planbar enables us to reduce our production time drastically, increase our quality significantly and allows for precise budgeting  

Since we changed to Planbar, we have dramatically streamlined three aspects of our design process: 
More than 50% time savings: originally it took us more than five months to develop each building. Nowadays, we are able to finish the whole process in less than two months. 
Quality increase and 60% less errors: due to the software from Allplan Precast, we were able to reduce missing information and mistakes in plans to 4% in less than one month, thus crucially reducing production time. 
Planning expenses: the software allows us to be very precise in the budget and control of materials used for production.
Tatiana Laguies, Project Manager, BauMax
With the IFC export, we can serve our customers with regard to BIM in an excellent manner.
Raimond Lotz, Head of Engineering, Spaansen Bouwsystemen B.V.
We see Allplan Precast as a partner who develops customized solutions for our new products and supports us with implementation in the factory.
 Werner Pröll, Franz Oberndorfer GmbH & Co KG, CEO Precast plant
Our partners

Together with partners from the AEC industry, Allplan Precast has been actively and successfully shaping the openBIM process for many years.

The Nemetschek Group is the world’s leading openBIM software provider in the AEC industry and has been a pioneer in digitisation for 40 years. Numerous top companies in the AEC industry are part of the Nemetschek Group, including ALLPLAN. Thanks to the unique holding structure, the group’s 15 brands operate with innovation, close to the market and with a focus on business.

Solibri is like no other company in its quest for quality control in the construction industry: for a seamless flow of information from design to construction – with openBIM.

GRAPHISOFT is a co-initiator of openBIM. The company has a clear commitment to designing building information modeling for the future. As a global player, GRAPHISOFT is present in all AEC markets.

SCIA combines engineering expertise with technology and offers high-quality design and statics software with excellent support. openBIM contributes to better workflows in all disciplines and increases productivity. 

Vectorworks offers solutions for faster, more sophisticated work and contributes to the development of openBIM. 

DATA DESIGN SYSTEMS has been a leading company for the planning of building technology for more than 35 years, and embraces building information modeling (BIM).

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Our Customer Excellence specialists are ready to answer your questions.
Our Customer Excellence specialists are ready to answer your questions.
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The powerful software portfolio.
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The time-saving design tool.
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