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Tim Essentials

The most important Tim functions at a particularly attractive price

We’ve taken the well-deserved retirement of the BFT menu in Planbar as an opportunity to introduce you to its successor – Tim Essentials.  

Our work preparation and BIM management software Tim is the solution for digitizing processes in precast factories. Particularly popular are the clever process technology, the descriptive status management, the automated information flows, the mTim app, and the smart filter and search functions.  

With Tim Essentials, we now  present a slim version of Tim that can be flexibly equipped with the functions that are most important to you. Tim Essentials offers you a modern user interface and easy installation. The great thing is that Tim Essentials grows with your requirements – you can expand it at any time with the Operation Manager, the Delivery Manager, the Production Manager, and the Quality Manager, all according to your current needs.

Would you like to learn more about Tim Essentials? Your contact person will be happy to advise you – just call or email.

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