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Tim 2023 - What's new?  

Tim 2023 also offers you a range of innovations:
  • New design - The Tim user interface now appears in the new collaboration design of the Allplan product family.
  • Save time with keyboard shortcuts - In Tim 2023, you can assign a wide variety of functions to keyboard shortcuts in all modules. In addition, you can also call up dynamic content such as stacking racks simply using keyboard commands. With the new keyboard commands you save time and gain comfort. 
  • New options for data import - To enable you to process external data efficiently in our model-based work preparation, we have significantly enhanced the data import in Tim 2023. Third-party data can now be fully imported into Tim, taking into account all catalogs. In addition, you now have the option to generate all supported export formats.
    • An example: You import PXML data and create geometry data in IFC4Precast format, reinforcement data in PXML format and UNICAM data for the control system - thanks to our Tim Process technology, everything is fully automated, with a click on a single icon.

With our Tim Quality Manager, you can ensure that the imported third-party data corresponds exactly to your defined rules and thus avoid expensive errors.


  • Data Explorer now with Allplan object attributes and rebar - The Data Explorer in Tim is a powerful tool for grouping, filtering and evaluating elements across projects. Since version 2022-0-1, you can run multiple Data Explorer queries simultaneously. 
    So what's new in Tim 2023's Data Explorer? To enable you to make BIM-compliant evaluations, the Allplan object attributes for precast elements, fixtures and building structure levels are now available directly in the Data Explorer in addition to the free additional attributes!
    Also, you can now evaluate reinforcing bars in the Data Explorer.

Would you like to learn more about Tim 2023? Our experts will present the most important innovations to you in person at the Engineering Days on November 29 and 30 in Salzburg. Info and tickets at

 The download link to Tim 2023 and helpful FAQs can be found in our Self Service Portal

As always, our Customer Excellence Services team is here to help and advise you.

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