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Planbar and Tim 2022 - the most popular new features

In October last year, we presented the most important innovations of Planbar and Tim to you. In the meantime, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers.

The feedback from Egil Humstad, who works for our customer Con-Form in Norway, was particularly comprehensive: 

"Planbar 2022 is a CAD program built for the future. Now the latest IFC format IFC4 has been improved and all types of fixtures, reinforcement and lattice girders are included in the exported IFC file. The cast-in-place concrete can also be disabled. The new "Associative" menu for the manually offset dimension lines for precast elements gives us a great advantage, as changes to the object are immediately shown in the dimension line. We also really like the PythonPart menu, as we can now create structural precast elements (columns, beams, stairs, etc.) faster than ever before. We also like that all views are updated immediately when we make a small change in one of the views, without having to constantly press "Refresh" like in other CAD programs."


Would you like to explore the innovations of Release 2022 once again?

As a reminder: Our Serviceplus customers with Essentials/Walls/Slabs/Assets license packages have the opportunity to benefit from an integrated Bimplus Professional license worth € 333 per year per license package free of charge. Just ask your Allplan Precast contact - we will be happy to help you with advice and support - or if you prefer have a look directly on the Bimplus portal

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