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Allplan 2023 - What's new?    

We have been working towards this moment for 12 months: We are proud to announce that Allplan 2023 is now available for download! With our version 2023, we are making history together, because all Planbar functions are now fully integrated in Allplan.

Dennis Hansen, BIM and ICT manager at Contiga Tinglev - and Allplan 2023 pilot customer - is impressed by the new features: “The fact that reinforcement is now also displayed in the UVS (Unified views and sections) views makes our work much easier. When we clarify open points with our customers, we often generate sections of an area and then send them for approval as a 3D PDF. The fact that the properties of openings, for example, can now be changed directly in the properties menu also saves a lot of time compared to the old procedure of calling up the function in the action bar.”

What are the specific ALLPLAN products in the precast sector?
  • The functional scope of Planbar Essentials 
    is now integrated in - Allplan AEC.
  • Planbar Walls, our solution for highly automated wall production, 
    is now called - Allplan Precast Walls.
  • Planbar Slabs, our solution for highly automated slab production, 
    is now called - Allplan Precast Slabs.
  • Planbar Assets, our solution that combines all precast functions, 
    is now called - Allplan Precast.
How do you as a Planbar user benefit from Allplan 2023?

Customers who previously worked with Planbar now have a solution with considerably more functions in Allplan AEC.

  • More performant display of overview plans thanks to the modern views and sections functionalities in Allplan. You benefit from automatic templates for further automation of overview views.
  • Facilitation of international collaboration (Multicountry, Multilanguage) - Allplan AEC is delivered in all language and country versions, enabling cross-country collaboration between designers and manufacturers.
  • Decentralized project management in the cloud - Allplan Share is included in the scope of delivery of Allplan AEC for Serviceplus customers and enables efficient collaboration of several locations on joint projects.
  • Digital terrain model - With Allplan AEC you can include survey points and thus provide your customers with an additional benefit.
  • Simplified installation and simplified updates - With the 2023 release, there is only one licensing system. This is accompanied by the option to perform auto-updates and thus always benefit from the advantages of the latest version.
  • Steel construction functions, 3D cranes and much more included - Allplan AEC is our complete solution and offers numerous time-saving and convenient functions and add-ons from which you, as an existing Planbar user, can now also benefit.

What new precast functions are available in Allplan AEC 2023, Allplan Precast Walls and Allplan Precast Slabs?

  • Enormous time savings in stair design with the Smart Converter - The new Smart Converter interprets and analyzes stair sketches, corrects angles if necessary and transforms them into producible, fully parametric stair models. (The Smart Converter independently takes care of geometry, fixtures and reinforcement). Designing precast staircases has never been easier and more efficient. Click here for the video
  • Even easier creation of fixtures with parametric methods - With Python Parts you can have any fixture developed. Changes to fixtures can be implemented efficiently based on defined rules, such as placing holes on rails with a minimum distance from the edge
  • Numerous element plan enhancements - Version 2023 gives you even more options for adapting element plan templates for objects of any complexity to your requirements. The new Dimension Guides feature provides even better readability.
  • Always the latest fixtures thanks to innovative Schöck integration - Thanks to the direct connection to a web service, you always have the latest information at hand in Allplan. Browse the fixture catalog directly in the palette and intuitively select the desired fixture part. You can place the 3D fixtures several times for each component and adapt them to the respective situation. The various LODs allow you to visualize the fixtures in the model in a performance-optimized way, depending on the desired level of detail.

Klaus Rieger will present many more practical developments in his webcast on October 18 - register now

You can find the download link to Allplan 2023 at If you have never logged in before - registration only takes a moment.

Do you have any questions about the new features or the installation of Allplan 2023? As always, our Customer Excellence Services team is ready to help and advise you. You can find helpful FAQs in our Self Service Portal .


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