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Highlights Planbar 2022

Highlights Planbar 2022

The most important Planbar 2022 innovations

Our developers have worked hard to make your everyday work even easier. Below we summarize the most important Planbar innovations for you:

  • New IFC interface for efficient collaboration specifically for precast projects
    Our new IFC interface allows you to export all precast elements, including all attributes as well as fixtures, reinforcement, and formwork. The object structure of the precast elements corresponds to the IFC4precast standard.
    ALLPLAN is one of the first software providers worldwide to be certified for this new global standard. IFC4precast was developed by buildingSMART, together with industry partners.
  • Even more openBIM: Planbar 2022 now with native Bimplus upload
    Bimplus is ALLPLAN’s open, cloud-based BIM platform for all disciplines to collaborate efficiently on building projects. For the 2022 release, our developers have added the complete structural precast structure – this means Bimplus now supports all precast types, the Issue Manager, and the Precast Roundtrip.
  • Change all selected elements in the model at once – with the properties palette
    With the improved properties palette, you can make changes to multiple elements – such as cut outs – in one step. Simply select the desired elements, and the corresponding properties palette opens where you can change the settings. In our comparative tests, the time saved was 15%.
  • Using Smart Click to transfer settings and attributes
    In Allplan, the double right-click has become an indispensable part of everyday work. It is the basis for automated workflows and makes work much easier. The double right-click transfers visual effects, geometric information, fixtures, connections, basic reinforcement, and user-specific attributes. The time saved in our tests: 25%.
  • 40% faster thanks to associative dimensioning for overview and element plans
    Planbar automatically creates the most important dimension lines for you and always keeps them up to date. Now, dimension lines that you add manually are also updated automatically. This is because Planbar 2022 provides associative dimension lines with intelligent object recognition. This makes this work activity 40% faster and helps you to avoid errors.
  • New iWall wall type: brick wall 
    In many regions of Europe, brick is very popular, especially in residential construction. The iWall brick wall module is now available within Planbar 2022. With this new solution and your individual brick library, it is possible to precisely determine and visualize the number of bricks used. The automated processes bring a time saving of around 30%.
  • New in the iWall: hollow core wall 
    For both the solid wall and the sandwich wall, we have added the additional hollow core option to the basic reinforcement range. Simply select the hollow core type and additional attributes such as offset, concrete areas, etc., and Planbar will create the desired hollow core wall for you. You can make changes at any time. With the new iWall hollow core wall, you save almost a third of your working time.

Planbar 2022 will be available for download in the Allplan Precast Self-Service Portal from October 28., 4pm CEST. Our Customer Excellence Services team will be happy to provide you with advice and support at any time – please also ask about our upgrade services.

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