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Interview with Product Manager Fabian Scheller – Part 2

In Part 1 of our interview with Allplan Precast Product Manager Fabian Scheller (published in the February issue of Precast Concrete!) we gained some exciting insights:

  • Prefabrication is a strategically important pillar for ALLPLAN.
  • We continually developour unique Elementplan technology, which allows you to handle complex tasks in a highly automated way.
  • ALLPLAN's strength lies not only in its modeling flexibility, but also in its PythonParts, which offer maximum efficiency in the planning of recurring elements – the best of both worlds, so to speak.
  • The ultimate goal of our current development period is the joint version of Allplan and Planbar. This will open up a multitude of additional possibilities and advantages for you.
  • We will continue to identify and actively shape industry trends for highly automated manufacturing equipment.

So much for a short review! Let's continue with part 2 of the interview:


Precast Concrete!: Reliable data for production is more important than ever due to the high degree of automation and digitalization. How do Planbar and Tim ensure high data quality?

Fabian Scheller: Precision has top priority. This starts with planning and modeling in Planbar and then continues with reliable production data. It is crucial for further processes that all data relevant to planning and production correspond to reality. Within the planning department, we therefore always create a "Digital Twin", which controls production processes but also contains all billing-specific information. This can also be used for assembly - with mTim we support an individualized BIM2Field approach to transport relevant information from the construction site back to the work preparation in real time. With the Tim Quality Manager we additionally offer an integrated tool to increase data quality: both when importing data and through ongoing quality assurance mechanisms, the Quality Manager helps to avoid potentially expensive and dangerous errors.

Precast Concrete!: The world is increasingly collaborating on a global scale and detailing departments are often no longer located in the same place. How do you see collaboration in the future? What makes it easier to collaborate on a project?

Fabian Scheller: We see it with our customers that cross-location working and the associated collaboration is increasingly the starting situation. In my opinion, there will be an increasing trend for projects to be stored not only locally, but increasingly in the cloud. Central data storage in the cloud eliminates massive administrative efforts. Furthermore, the danger of different revision statuses is eliminated. An optimized data exchange of the future should not be a CAN, but a MUST.
ALLPLAN offers a proven and popular solution here with Bimplus. Allplan Share additionally manages the exchange of model and drawing data and always ensures a synchronized project team, regardless of location. The combination of Allplan , Allplan Share and an Allplan Bimplus account enables effective and location-independent planning collaboration with project partners directly on one and the same Allplan project.

Precast Concrete!: One final question – how do you think the precast market will develop in the next five to ten years?

Fabian Scheller: I think that high-grade automation is only the beginning and that there is still a lot of potential here, especially in the area of structural precast elements. Nowadays, in-situ concrete is still often used in building construction, but in my opinion, this will shift towards more precast elements and automated solutions in the coming years. Other exciting topics for the future are certainly innovation and sustainability; for example, hybrid construction, timber-concrete composite elements, fair-faced concrete, and an increasing awareness of the need to conserve resources in the construction industry.

Precast Concrete!: Thank you very much for the informative discussion and good luck with the further preparations for the 2023 release.

Fabian Scheller: Thank you and I am very much looking forward to presenting the new release in October.

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