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Prefabrication as a strategically important pillar for ALLPLAN

For the last year, ALLPLAN has offered solutions for the precast industry with Planbar and Tim. For you as existing customers, the merger of the two companies has already brought numerous benefits, such as a free Bimplus Professional license for all customers with a service contract in the new package model. Fabian Scheller, our new Product Manager for Allplan Precast, tells us in this first part of our interview, where the journey for Planbar and Tim is heading, and what trends and developments await us for prefabrication in general.

Precast Concrete!: First of all, congratulations on your new position as product manager of Planbar and Tim. From your point of view, what are the most important requirements for a precast planning solution today and in the future?

Fabian Scheller: Thanks a lot, I am really excited. User-friendliness is my top priority. My expectation for our software solutions is that the user can change all the necessary settings herself or himself via the interface, without needing their own software developer. In addition, construction projects are becoming more and more complex, and the requirements for precast elements are also becoming increasingly challenging. With our unique Elementplan technology, we already have the possibility here in Planbar to handle complex tasks in a highly automated way. At the same time, Planbar prepares the production-relevant data in a way that is clear and optimized for the respective role in the process. As far as future requirements are concerned, a planning solution must offer both the possibility to model freely and to generate parametric components. ALLPLAN's strength lies not only in its modeling flexibility, but also in its PythonParts, which offer maximum efficiency for recurring elements - the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Precast Concrete!: How will Planbar and Tim develop within the next five years?

Fabian Scheller: The primary goal of our current development period is creating a joint version of Allplan and Planbar. The joint development environment will open up a multitude of additional possibilities for us in the future. One notable point from this would be the auto-update of the software and the associated backwards compatibility of the current version. Our aim is to uncover and help shape industry trends for highly automated production systems. These topics will continue to play an important role for us in the coming years.


Part 2 of the interview with Fabian Scheller will be published in the next issue of Precast Concrete!


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