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Your Serviceplus advantage – Bimplus Professional free of charge

The merger of PRECAST and ALLPLAN has many advantages for you. Today, we are proud to present you one of them. From now on, our Serviceplus customers can benefit from an integrated Bimplus Professional license – worth more than €333 per year – free of charge. All customers with a service contract who work with the new package model or have already switched to it will receive a Bimplus Professional license free of charge. If you are still using the old license model, our sales team will be happy to assist you with the next steps.

Bimplus is one of the leading BIM collaboration solutions and facilitates collaboration across all disciplines. With Bimplus Professional, you and your partners can use the diverse options of the collaboration platform free of charge and thus create design projects faster, more cost-effectively and to higher quality. Work faster through simultaneous, location-independent access for all project participants to the current design status and defined tasks. Improve cost-effectiveness and quality by identifying and correcting design errors before construction begins.

Our Norwegian customer Con-form has been using Planbar since 2006 and has already had the opportunity to test Bimplus in detail as part of a pilot partnership. Key user Egil Humstad is enthusiastic about the platform, commenting:

“I think it’s great that we now have access to Bimplus Professional free of charge. It makes collaboration so much easier. I especially like how quickly we can transfer the 3D model from Planbar to Bimplus – it only takes a few seconds. This way, different designers can create different precast elements in the same building in Planbar and get an overview of all precast elements in the building in Bimplus in just a few seconds.”

The most important Bimplus advantages at a glance:
  • More overview: Simultaneous visualization of multiple compartment models, including measurement function, sections, and much more.
  • More safety: Integrated clash detection
  • More persuasive power: Appealing slide shows for presentations
  • More collaboration: Import and export of leading IFC and BCF formats, and easy to use issue management.
  • More possibilities: Numerous extensions such as revision comparison already integrated.


Are you interested in Bimplus? Just try it out – click here for the login.



If you have any questions about Bimplus, our Customer Excellence Team will be happy to help.


You can find more information about all the advantages of Bimplus here!

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