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Vienna is building new sustainable district

Inspiring example of urban development with high degree of prefabrication

Despite not being completed yet, the aspern Seestadt development in Vienna has already won many awards – and it’s easy to see why, with its pioneering approach to sustainable urban development. The new development is located on a former airfield and will provide high-quality housing for over 25,000 people as well as 20,000 new workplaces over the next decade. The site area covers 240 hectares – the same size as Vienna’s 1st district. Being a mixed-use development, there are also schools, adult learning centers, lakeside parks, and recreational facilities all incorporated into this massive site.

An important success factor for urban development is fast, error-free construction with minimized disruption to local residents and businesses. Industrialized construction meets all these requirements. That's why a large proportion of the western quarter’s residential blocks were built with precast concrete components Find out in the blog article what role our software solutions Planbar and Tim play in this development.

Overview of content:

  • How does sustainable urban development work?
  • Which technologies and construction methods does Aspern rely on?
  • What are the advantages of precast elements for the build process of Aspern?