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IFC interface for improved collaboration 

Industry-wide universal data standard IFC4precast enables seamless processes

Interface problems are finally a thing of the past with the brand new IFC4precast data standard, significantly co-designed by Allplan Precast. As the first interface, this industry-wide universal database contains 3D model information including complete geometries, as well as unique IDs for describing precast elements.

As of November 2nd, 2021 we are the world’s first provider of a complete, quality-assured and tried-and-tested IFC4precast data export. Use this competitive edge to your advantage!

Benefits of IFC4precast:

  • Highly-efficient, error-free collaboration between all systems involved.
  • Loss-free, platform-independent data exchange.
  • Less coordination and administrative work through the entire design, production and assembly process.
  • Clear traceability of the building model and the building cycle in real time.