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living spaces


The best solutions for your precast projects
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living spaces


The best solutions for your precast projects


The Competence Center Allplan Precast is the world’s number one full-service partner for innovative software solutions and services in the precast concrete industry. Our goal is to contribute to creating living spaces for the world’s growing population.



More projects in less time

"Thanks to Planbar, I can quickly and easily model all kinds of buildings in 3D. Planbar allowas me to handle more projects in less time and produce higher quality thanks designs thanks to numerous automated processes. At the same time, I can fully customize these automated tools to my specific requirements. In general, I found it easy to learn the software and the operation itself is also effortless. Planbar provides clear visualizations and plans, which makes collabo ration with the other project participants immensely easier.”

Bauvin Aymeric, Head of Planning Office

100% reliable

"In order to be able to concentrate on the essential design, you have to be able to fully rely on your CAD program. Here, Oberndorfer has a very reliable and competent partner in Planbar. Due to the complex geometries, all prefabricated parts, the toothed girders, the grandstand slabs as well as the hollow core walls had to be modelled in 3D. Thanks to the animation windows and the possibility of rendering, Planbar enbaled us to carry out these checks of the intersections ourselves. Furthermore, thanks to Planbar, we were already able to include all important recesses/openings, electrical installations and assembly necessities in the concrete hollow walls of the stadium."

Efficiency and high quality

"For me, there is no way around Planbar. With no other CAD software can I work as quickly and efficiently as with Planbar. I particularly appreciate the integrated quality control, the fast output and data exchange of 3D data via IFC, as well as the immense time savings thanks to well thought-out automated processes. In summary, I would not have been able to plan the stairs in such a short time and with such high quality without Planbar."

Tim Karczewski, Managing Director A-Steps GmbH & Co. KG
Fast, easy, consistent!

"What we particularly appreciate about Planbar is the fast and easy 3D modeling. While we are working on the 3D model, Planpar automatically creates the associated shop drawings. This means we can be sure that the plans and the model are always 100% consistent. Finally, we can generate the necessary 3D reinforcement with just one click in Planbar. This makes our daily work easier and we gain valuable time."

Thomas Cekan, Project and Assembly Manager & Ambros Grabmayr, Technical Draftsman -
Leube Betonteile GmbH & Co KG
Efficiency and precision

„We are pleased that we were able to make the greening of the award-winning Aglaya high-rise possible with our precast façade elements. We managed to plan all the precast elements very efficiently and precisely thanks to our experience and our Planbar software. What we find particularly great about Planbar is the 1-click reinforcement and the automatic generation of the shopdrawings."

Certified Engineer Raphaela Breu, Operations Management / Project and Site Management, Nägele Betonfertigteil- und Transportbetonwerk GmbH

Intuitive operation and quick adjustment

„We work with Planbar on a daily basis and particularly appreciate the simple, intuitive operation and the ability to react very quickly to adjustments, reprogramming and problems."

DI Tobias Koller, Management/Distribution, redbloc 

Customized software solutions and optimal support

„Planbar has been able to provide a detailing platform that has the software customization capabilities and the support staff necessary to allow for a customized solution to a specialty product line."

Bryant A. Zavitz, VP of Product & Process Development, Tindall Corporation 
Planbar ranks top in our evaluation

„Its intelligence in providing precast solutions meets the company’s objective. Thanks to its reliability and flexibility, last-ditch modification in precast elements is achievable."

Thoo Hoi Hian, Head of Design (GIBS) 

3D modelling and design from a single source

„We enjoy working with Planbar because it automatically generates reports, checks for collisions and calculates numbers of parts, concrete volumes and steel weight. All of that saves time and money."

Michael Seah Chun Hian, Managing Director, Robin Village Development Pte Ltd 
Perfect model-based working preparation with Tim

„Tim allows us to perform model-based production planning and provides us with all the necessary information about products, components and processes at any time. At the same time, Tim also visualizes all of the contents and provides data for production and the ERP system in an optimized form."

Karsten Rewitz, CEO, Contiga  A/S 

With Allplan Precast as a partner for successful growth

„We see Allplan Precast as a partner who develops customized solutions for our new products and supports us with implementation in the factory."

Werner Pröll, Franz Oberndorfer GmbH & Co KG, CEO Precast Plants

Our Solutions for the precast industry

With our integrated design and planning solutions, we give you the tools you need to fulfill your requirements across the entire value chain with the highest quality and greatest efficiency.


CAD for industrialized construction

  • Automated workflows for more efficiency
  • Reinforcement and shop drawings at the push of a button
  • 3D is as easy as 2D
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Operations scheduling and BIM management

  • 3D functions for better clarity
  • Direct access to all project information
  • Quality assured data for ERP and MES
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Data hub

  • Automated flow of information between ERP-CAD-MES saves time
  • Mobile app for optimized assembly
  • Dashboards for better decision-making
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Customer Excellence Services

Consulting, training, support

  • Customized training for greater expertise
  • Quick assistance with software questions
  • Greater speed thanks to process and IT system optimisations
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The Allianz Stadium Vienna

The integrated 5D software Planbar made a decisive contribution to the tight schedule of just 17 months of construction. For this purpose, more than 880 platform elements with a length of 10.5 meters and a weight of 12.5 tons, up to 18 meters high columns and other special precast part elements were manufactured from Oberndorfer.



Creating living spaces together – 
creating your career together.
Creating living spaces together – 
creating your career together.
We build on success
We love heads full of ideas
We create the future
We are the global market leader
We build on success
We love heads full of ideas
We create the future
We are the global market leader
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